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Credit Card Rates for Purchases

If you're planning to buy some expensive items such as new furniture, a holiday or presents, you can use a credit card offering an introductory 0% rate on purchases to spread the cost over a few months. Look for a credit card which offers the longest 0% introductory period. The intro period for purchases is typically 6 months, although some providers offer 9 months. If you expect to use the card after the initial introductory period and anticipate not being able to pay off the full balance by the end of the introductory period, you should also pay attention to the standard interest rate.

If you regularly use your plastic for spending without clearing the debt in full each month then you need to minimise the interest you pay. A number of card provider offer intro spending for new cardholders.  However it is important to note that these are short term special offers and when they end the interest rate reverts to the standard rate. The best thing to do is continually switch cards at the end of the offers. The alternative is to select a card which offers a consistently low rate for spending such as Cahoot.

This section provides a credit card comparison of interest rates for making purchases. See below a list of credit cards offering zero percentage rates for purchases and which offer the lowest long term APR

Use the compare tool to see which credit cards offer the best rates for purchases. Credit cards which offer the longest introductory period for purchases will be listed first.