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Most borrowers donít shop around before applying for a new credit card and inevitably fail to get the best credit card deal. Most people think they just havenít got the time to sift through all of the information available. With so many interest free credit cards and low interest credit cards on offer, finding the best credit card for you can be a headache. This site makes is easy for you to shop around and compare what is available. 

This website summarises what each credit card is offering in a clear and simple format by providing consumers with a comparison service which does the shopping around automatically. You can see at a glance the credit card offers including introductory rates, low interest rates, cashback deals, reward programs and which cards could save you money by providing a 0% credit card balance transfer facility or interest free period on purchases. 

If you are carrying over a debt each month on you're current card, it makes sense to transfer the outstanding balance to a card offering 0% for balance transfers for an introductory period which typically lasts between 6 and 12 months.

Some credit cards offer you perks including cashback or loyalty rewards such as Airmiles, Nectar or spending points. These are worthwhile if you are a virtuous borrower and pay your card off in full each month, so no interest is charged.

If you're planning to use your plastic for some spending and don't envisage clearing the debt in full at the end of the month, minimise the charges with a card offering 0% on purchases for a special period or one with a permanently low APR .

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Research revealed that more than 60% of people don't know the APR interest rate they are currently being charged on their credit card. Only 32% of people questioned said they chose their card provider because it offered a low interest rate. At the same time 78% admitted they had never changed their credit card and were probably on a deal that was out of date, while 58% said they simply get their plastic from their bank*. 

If you've had your current credit card for a couple of years or have a card provided by your bank, it is very likely you are paying significantly more in interest than you need to. The UK credit card market has traditionally been characterised by customer apathy with many people sticking with the first card they receive which is quite often a card provided by their bank.  This does not have to be the case as switching credit card providers is very easy and there are some very good deals for credit card balance transfers.

Simply use our interactive search facility in order to find the right card for you. 

* Research by financial services group More Than.